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The plot feels more like a script for a TV-series. Be warned that the rest of this review contains a spoiler or two. As with the previous book there is actually not that much going on with the Alamo itself. A lot of the story plays out either on a space station or on the ground of a moon. Also as with the previous book we get presented a bunch of politics, treachery and backstabbing.

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In this book it is a single frigate that threatens to go head on with the battlecruiser and again this causes some concerns about the outcome. This is just rubbish. A single frigate against a battlecruiser??? No frigate captain would be stupid enough to do such a thing and the outcome would not be in any doubt whatsoever. This rubbish just annoys the hell out of me. The discovery of the alien ruins started to make things interesting but in the end, apart from being used as an object to fight over, it never really went anywhere.

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And then we have this idiotic idea that a captain on a battlecruiser or anyone else for that matter would almost go insane just by looking down a pit with some alien and human remains. Okay, okay, it was said in the book that the use in question was dodgy but at that time I was already annoyed by the other silliness so this just added to it. In the end Alamo never sees any action.

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I put fighters in quotes since they act more like torpedo boats in the way they operate. Not entirely unbelievable given the physics in space but it just feels a tad wrong to call them fighters. As far as I am concerned the interesting characters do not really make up for the things in the book which I did not like so, as I said, I am not sure that I will continue reading this series if another book comes out. Mar 23, Jason rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction , kindle.

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This was a great book in the series that I really enjoyed. I am already starting on the next and I think the author has done a great job of making each book stand alone, but have an over arching theme across them. It is not as blatant a serial mechanism as some authors who create episodic content through Kindle books that really don't stand alone at all, but must be purchased as a set to really get any enjoyment.

I have not found that to be the case here. Each book stands alone, and while you do This was a great book in the series that I really enjoyed. Each book stands alone, and while you do benefit from having read previous ones, it is not required. Sep 29, Volpot rated it liked it. A little too unrealistic. Great Story Well another great storyline. One I am sure we will find life in space hopefully they will be friendly Really though great stories keep them coming.

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Jul 10, David P. Duffy rated it it was ok. This book, as in Book 1 of the series, is sabotaged by amateurish and lazy authorship. No frills synopsis: The "Alamo," a Triplanetary Confederation doesn't exactly roll of the tongue Tongue, does it? Battlecruiser, has effected repairs, replenished stocks, and is fully crewed. It is assigned to head out to Uranus, visit a close by "Belt" space station, and investigate moons for economic exploitation.

Same basic cast of characters from Book 1, with additions. Intrigue at station, command crew conflicts aboard "Alamo," alien outpost discovered on a moon, Lunar Republic competing government frigate enroute, and mainly lowbrow, low stress violence ensues. Some characters are written pretty well, while others not so much lead character, "Alamo" captain, loses his cookies in his spacesuit, then collapses along with his tactical officer, after they see a horrible looking alien corpse.

There are numerous examples of mistaken words auto spell unmonitored and run amuck? The author fails to acknowledge the need for competent editing and proofreading. Additionally, a little research into basic military order and discipline author is lost regarding insubordination and other issues is overdue. Some reading on basic science, physics, space, by the author, would be welcomed by readers. Did I enjoy reading the book? It was barely, barely OK-didn't induce headaches or abandonment. Would I buy the book?

No, but willing to read via monthly fee-based Kindle Unlimited.

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Would I recommend the book? Yes, but only coupled with a severe caveat of mediocrity. Read fully via Kindle Unlimited. Oct 12, Dale Aus rated it really liked it. Good tight story lots of action Enjoyed this part of the story, lots of action, lots of arguments as usual for the characters. Some characters have lots to do though while others seem to be padding. Jul 31, Asrogoth rated it it was amazing. A very enjoyable quick, and exciting read.

I look forward to many more books in the series. Jan 31, James rated it liked it.


Good solid military sci fi. Michael Brooks rated it liked it Sep 24, Neil Singleton rated it really liked it Apr 04, John rated it really liked it May 18, Lisa rated it really liked it Jun 25, Michael Neyer rated it really liked it Jun 13, Neil Reed rated it it was amazing Jan 03, Grant Mulvaney rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Got it?

Here we go For once I hoped for a different scenario and a unique start into another better? I'm just upset to have spent the money on the complete series, otherwise I'd have tossed it all out six books back.


Even more upset, since I can pretty much envision what awaits me with the "Starcruiser Polaris" series, which I purchased as well Is the Alamo series complete? I just purchased Polaris but was hoping for more Alamo as well. Battlecruiser Alamo. It is the midnd Century. Humanity has endured centuries of strife and conflict, culminating in the secession of the interplanetary colonies from the tyranny of the United Nations to form a new alliance, the Triplanetary Confederation, dedicated to the ideals of peace and freedom that have vanished from Old Earth, stubbornly defending their independence from enemies within and without.

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The Battlecruiser Alamo and her crew are at the vanguard of the new frontier, exploring unknown space and fighting the enemies of the Confederation in space, land and air, facing hopeless odds and triumphing over them. The Battlecruiser Alamo series is one of the largest fictional science-fiction universes committed to print, more than two million words spread across twenty-eight novels in the main series, two single-novel spinoffs and an extended three-book spin off, Strike Commander. A military science-fiction series of the old school, with a focus on action-adventure among strange new worlds; an ongoing series with extended story arcs, though with most books in the series standing alone. Over the course of the series, the Alamo and her crew fought in campaigns across the galaxy, broken up into several story arcs. The first four books essentially stand alone, introducing the setting and the characters, as well as the first major adversary of the books.

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