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The cover art and one beautifully done piece of Amy and her bestie friend, Ice, sitting in a fantasy hot springs are framable. Highly recommended for 12 - adult. Luxuria by Nicci Sefton. Total Publishing, Derrick Clark is a handsome poet who just got lucky at his new school. He will be sharing classes with Annabell Crystal, one of three exceptional sisters who have enslaved Madison Prep High with their beauty, charm and talent.

Derrick is instantly captivated by Annabell, and the attraction could be fatal. Roxanne, a student whose boyfriend disappeared after attending a mysterious party thrown by the Crystals, has done her research. Derrick gains access to her diary, and learns almost more than he can bear. Nothing can stop his growing affection, however, and, despite serious misgivings about having a relationship with a human, Annabell finally comes to love him.

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Nicci Sefton began writing Luxuria, the first book in her Deadly Sins Series , as a high school sophomore, finishing it in her senior year. This gives her writing a definite viewpoint advantage, and her limited third person narration is buoyant and sprinkled with direct address, making her voice fresh and very natural.

She also produced the dramatic and sensuous cover-art. However, closer style editing, grammar, syntax and even spelling, would improve the work. The story and characters are very closely influenced by other, best-selling vampire novels; at times uncomfortably close. These passages of historical fiction are strong and passionate, and the book is strengthened by them. The violence and sexual content is very mild and the novel is well suited to younger readers, who are just dipping into vampire literature.

The sequel, Invidia , was published directly following, and many of the rough edges were improved. Contains: mild sexual content and mild violence. Invidia by Nicci Sefton. Annabell Crystal has the world at the tip of her beautiful, lethal fangs.

She has vanquished an evil presence, assumed her rightful heritage as the queen of the vampires, preserved her virtue, and accepted the human, Derrick, as the love of her life and her probable king. Immortality never looked so good. Donavon has long been infatuated with the mysterious and powerful young queen. The Crystal family, along with Derrick and his best friend, Paul, will stop at nothing to save her. The pursuit and battle between the families is vigorous and well described, and Sefton includes several plot twists and a very complex historical narrative.

Romance is intensified, and the climax is modern and vividly imagined, set at an outdoor rock concert. Readers can clearly anticipate a sequel. However, as in Luxuria , the story and much of the character development is very heavily influenced by other, best-selling vampire series.

Also, though improved, stylistic errors in grammar, syntax and spelling continue to damage the writing throughout the novel.

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Contains: mild violence, mild profanity, and sexual content. Immortal: Love Stories with Bite edited by P. Your vampire readers are going to eat it up pun intended and ask for more, which you can provide with the second title in the Love Stories with Bite anthology: Eternal. Highly recommended for public or school libraries in the young adult fiction collection. This is a young adult title that would work well for age ranges of , but adult readers who enjoy vampire romances would also enjoy this title.

This second anthology edited by P. Cast has more of the vampire romance stories we love. In Eternal, Cast has put together another winning anthology with six beautifully dark tales of unrequited love and her own wonderfully written introduction.

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Fans of Cast, any of the other authors, or of the vampire subgenre as a whole will surely enjoy this anthology. Contains: Not applicable. Reviewed by: Kelly Fann.

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Thirst No. Alisa Perne knows that she is the last vampire. All the others were killed off centuries ago. Beautiful, intelligent, and with superhuman abilities, she lives among humans incognito. When she discovers that someone is following her, and seems to know more than any other person alive should know, she starts to wonder if maybe, just maybe, her past lover survived and has come backā€”to kill her. Alisa is tough, smart, and unafraid of anyone or anything.

The world that Pike has set up is brilliant, with enough levels to keep discussions lively for hours on end. The writing, however, was the biggest failure. The series is recommended, but please be aware that the content may be too intense for some readers- this is not a title for the Twilight crowd. Ages 14 and up. Reviewed by: Cherylynne W. The book contains three related stories. Bloody Valentine is an enjoyable, quick read for fans of the Blue Bloods books.

That being said, Melissa de la Cruz does an excellent job in crafting the novella.

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The novella also provides an interesting introduction to a new adult paranormal series that de la Cruz is working on. The first title, Witches of East End , will be coming out in the summer of Blue Bloods is a great follow-up series for those looking for action and romance after Twilight. Contains: Minor Violence. However, the Vampire Council decides that Mina and her family will have to be relocated from Los Angeles to the tiny town of Cartville, Louisiana.

Suffering from severe culture shock, and separation from her best friend Serena, and her boyfriend George, Mina has plenty on her plate. Mina has an authentic voice. As in the first book, there are lots of little notes and journal entries from Mina about what is going on in her head and life. While still told with a light and humorous touch, this is a darker, more emotional book with much more complicated choices for Mina and her loved ones, and with more action and tension than the first.

Once again, Pauley has shown her ability to channel her inner teen and produce some of the most enjoyable vampire teen literature around, and since she seems to have left the door open for another book, perhaps we will see more of Mina in the future. Contains: minor violence. Available: Pre-Order.

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Vampireology is a guide to vampires ostensibly written by Archibald Brooks, a Protector, or slayer of vampires. It covers a great deal of ground, from their biblical origins, to the passing of their curse, to powers, vulnerabilities, and even their historical animosity toward werewolves and the Protector.

In a growing field of guides and compendiums, Vampireology gives you both a guide to vampires as presented by Brooks and a side story within presented by Kraik's notes. Vampireology is one of the better choices out there. It provides its own interesting and intriguing story, and is a take on vampires that will be of interest to fans.

Vampireology is a beautiful book to look at, and it is attractively put together, with compelling illustrations and imagery.

For librarians, the immediate concern will be the number of flaps and folds that will be subject to extensive wear and tear. The book is 30 pages long but is oversized, and each page has foldouts and other materials that, while they can keep readers' attention, can also be easily damaged.

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The book captures the feel of a personal journal as well as a guide to vampires, with items such as a train ticket that literally pop out at you as if they are three-dimensional. Vampireology is recommended more for fans of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Recommended for public library collections, and as a gift book for vampire fans. Contains: Imagery of decapitation of vampires.

Blood Ninja by Nick Lake. Author Nick Lake takes you back in time to feudal Japan, where Taro, a young man in a fishing village, finds his simple life turned upside down when he and his family are attacked by ninjas. He is saved by another ninja, only to end up on the run, thrust into a world with grand destiny, vampire ninjas, samurai warriors and more. Blood Ninja follows the familiar "hero's journey" storyline, so you have a good idea where you are going, but you'll still enjoy the ride. Nick Lake does an excellent job both with creating the atmosphere of feudal Japan and with plot pacing.

Taro is an interesting character, and as the story continues he finds his world view constantly challenged, creating an internal struggle throughout the book that provides food for thought as well as blood, guts, and violence. Ultimately, Nick Lake has produced a very strong book with plenty of action, and a fair bit of blood and gore along with it.