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A community center? This downtown magnet has never decided what it wants to be, but all the above suit it well. It complements Little City among hardy Congress Avenue veterans, and it can be enjoyed mid-afternoon as well as late-night. A touch of country does not alter the up-to-date feel of this Manchaca establishment, which offers coffees and pastries along with healthier selections. It never ceases to amaze this observer that every Central Texas burg appears to need a place like this, reflective of the local culture, and yet very much in touch with the zeitgeist.

The charming back garden features a splashing fountain made out of a galvanized steel trough, and the interior is both airy and cozy. Grab a magazine from the well-stocked rack, plunk down in one of the comfortably boxy leather chairs, put your feet up and relax to a soundtrack that might include New Orleans classics as well as reggae.

The Best Coffee in Every State 2018

We finally ordered drive-through coffee! And it proved fully flavored, lips-ready, not fast-food atomic at this chain shop. The one on endless Parmer Lane is a civilized blessing, a break from the commerce, tucked as it is in front of Cool River Cafe. I drove past this casual-looking Lakeway spot several times, but, man, am I glad I persisted. Hands down, the best americano in Central Texas, along with warm, rich cookies and espresso fudge.

The owner is extraordinarily engaged with his customers — rare for a coffee shop — and the cafe fare is organic as they come. Flying wooden dragons, folk statues and comfortable cane-backed chairs lend a little earthiness to the soaring space with its walls of windows. I arrived at 3 p. The leftover decaf was still hot and tasty. This place is gi-normous. I mean, full, counter-service cafe up front, big stage to the side and separate bar in the back, along with enough couches to seat half of Lockhart.

Located in the courthouse square in a former clothing store, Javamotion enjoys those super-high 19th-century pressed-metal ceilings, but the coffee is pure 21st century. Front Street is on the wrong side of the railroad tracks to catch the heavy traffic zipping through Hutto.

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The espresso-based drinks and assorted goodies suggest a staff steeped in the culture of coffeehouses. Aw, come on in. Join the family of chipper baristas at this locally owned — and prominent — establishment. They know their espresso beans and offer tempting edibles as well. A small second room is decorated with paintings, while the main area is radiant and cheery.

Boy, they are friendly at this spot in a seen-better-days shopping center off U. In addition to the Texas Coffee Trader goods, they sell medicinal teas, nutritional supplements and several kinds of scratch quiche. The walls are plastered with warm-hearted art, and the staff will adopt you for life the second you walk in the door.

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  • Starbucks should be run out of Ireland - never mind Howth.
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  • Superb roasted pepper tomato soup — in a cardboard cup. The staff members are young, but they handle the coffee with maturity and the big shop includes areas for socializing, concentrating on work, or just staring at the sable sky above the not attractive parking lot. We noted plenty of Brazilian, African, Caribbean and Indonesian influences during our coffee tour.

    This was the only Philippine coffee stop, attached as it is to an Asian food market along the increasingly international East Oltorf Street. The espresso drink was no-nonsense and presented with genuine grace. Students and teachers must cherish this place, right across the street from Texas State University-San Marcos.

    Where to get your caffeine fix

    Right in. Right up to the counter. Right out. A few tables are scattered out front if you really want to linger in the L-shaped strip next to a textbook store. And why not? The coffee is more than decent, the food selections are numerous and the intellectual company can be bracing. The Lamberts turned a boxy green hut into a cultural landmark, graced daily by celebrities and locals alike. The all-outdoor seating areas offer covered and open-under-the-sky options.

    And, oh, the staff is supersweet. This is the only demi-chain that we listed twice, because the downtown location is so much more about food — splendid salads and sandwiches, among the tastiest hamburgers in town — than the one on South Congress Avenue. This busy place keeps the Second Street District real, and its outdoor seating is a model for the rest of the city. Our favorite barista works here. Business types, daters and young families flock to what has become something of a community center in a neighborhood that obviously needs one.

    Maya La Chocolaterie

    But this high-class, high-ceilinged coffee shop — attached to a lube shop! For a place located smack dab between the University of Texas and St. Laptoppers hang out, of course, but a comfy chair or sofa waits for the casual drop-by as well. In a word: revolutionary. More than a decade ago, Little City proved that downtown could support a San Francisco-style coffee shop.

    Best 100 Austin coffee shops in 2007

    Downtowners rewarded the place with some of the most fervent loyalists in the city. Classy in a funky way, it attracts different crowds — Capitol, slacker, gay — depending on the time of day. One section of the shop is set up like a living room, TV and all. Why not? Looking out at the surroundings, one is reminded that Marble Falls is the new Fredericksburg, which was the new Marfa, or the new Santa Fe, N.


    Not open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays? What, are you kidding me? I guess in tourist-dependent Johnson City, you just go with the traffic flow. The warm cinnamon roll dissolved in my mouth, but not before it was slathered with rich, yellow whipped cream cheese.

    This shop is as tiny and personal as they come.

    Talk about a sliver of a shop. In the front few feet of this Speedway laundromat one discovers a surprisingly sophisticated coffee shop, with maybe a half dozen tables and a completely respectful attitude about the drinks they serve. No kidding. In a laundromat. Where are we? Tucked in a cute little office park in the Plum Creek neighborhood, the Cup has served as a java joint and a community gathering spot for the past year and a half. Teachers from nearby schools pop in before classes start, and commuters grab a cup before heading into Austin.

    We love the little deck looking up on South First Street and appreciate the convenience of the efficient counter space. The Austin standard has seen many transformations along West Sixth Street. So popular, it operates two cash registers, which is much appreciated in an industry that often as not encourages its employees to chat up the customers endlessly. Psychedelia meets Eastern mysticism in the dark red house near downtown San Marcos. A definite post-hippie aura surrounds the domestic setting — actually furnished like a home in some rooms.