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A small yet powerful example of redefining a negative into a positive. Finding the good angle - an essential instrument of success. Thanks A MacGowan. Back Later After Christmas Piss-up.

Patient Profiling: Are You a Victim?

Seasonal acronym for when work and customers must necessarily fit in around the festivities and holidays. Base-Line Test. More boring and less tasty alternative to the more common usage - Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich. Ack Don Clark. Bottom Line Up Front. Simply this means and warns the reader that the key point is summarised at the start or top of the communication.

BLUF is a wonderfully potent acronym, useful in many situations. BLUF thanks M Callaham originated in the US military in written communications, where it serves as as an immediate emphasis and prefix of the central point of the message or report. It equates to the expressions ' cutting to the chase ' and 'without beating around the bush'.

In structural terms, the BLUF technique equates to an 'executive summary', which is a very brief summary of the strategically essential point s positioned at the start of the communication. This itself is normally a very concisely reduced version of a larger summary at the end of the document, based on the greater detail within the main part of the document or communication.

Appendix:List of Latin phrases

A major learning and usage aspect of BLUF is the communicator's responsibility to present information to the reader or listener or audience efficiently, especially for senior and very busy people, who often have neither time nor need to read and absorb lots of detail. Senior people especially want the main point s - the' bottom line' - first - 'up front'.

In management, and in the military, senior people rely on junior people to take care of the detail and to provide the strategic interpretation by which big decisions can be made. Incidentally the term 'bottom line' is a figurative reference to the bottom line in corporate financial accounts, which contains the profit or loss figure, crucial to most organized ventures and organizations. While BLUF remains popular in US military communications, its usefulness has spread and its adoption can be helpful into very many situations where effective speedy communication is valued. This includes notably: business and management communications especially involving strategic decision-making ; quick report-writing and conveying updates and status; emergency response and reactions reporting up and informing down the management structure ; presentations and speeches and talks; writing of press releases, PR materials, and also advertising and consumer or 'general-public audience' communications in which the actual inclusion of the term BLUF is generally not appropriate - here BLUF serves more of a structural reminder to the writer.

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Before My Time. If you are a new broom trying to sweep clean, this is a useful response to the 'we've always done it that way' school of thought. In other words, 'that was then and this is now'. Ack M Paretski. Behaviour that can be exhibited by a group when stressed, demotivated or unhappy with their situation.

Also a common subject area in meetings where the purpose and facilitation perhaps requires a more a positive focus or perspective. Ack Denise If you are a manager or team leader and ever find yourself having to handle a BMW session, give the group encouragement, responsibility and suitable freedom to identify and pursue constructive response, change and improvement.

Focus on positive response rather than blame. Here are a couple of helpful quotes in this connection: "You have a choice whether to be part of the steam roller or part of the road..

Bicycle MotoCross. Generally in modern times BMX is seen to refer to a style of small-wheeled, small-framed bicyle on which young people, especially boys, can perform more agile moves than when riding a conventionally designed bike. While BMX is a very widely recognized abbreviation, its origins and precise meaning are far less well known.

In addition to BMX off-road riding, BMX bike-riding quickly became very popular in urban areas, not least because pedestrianized areas of towns shopping centres, etc offered slopes and curves on which to ride and practise skills, much as in the development of skateboarding. BMX bikes, designed for rugged riding and acrobatics, also proved popular in young people's fashion, and no doubt with parents of kids who appreciated the strong design and construction of BMX bikes, which tended to withstand tough treatment, and encouraged a generation of youngsters to play outdoors perhaps more than would otherwise have been the case.

Sadly local councils and planners were very slow to realise that BMX riding, and skateboarding too, are actually good things for young people to do. Bloody Near Dead. Medical notes abbreviation used since s, in Australia; probably elsewhere too.

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  • Thanks K Mildred. Better On A Camel. Battery Operated Boyfriend. Amusing pet name for a vibrator, and perhaps the cleverest and funniest BOB bacronym. Nightclub and dating vernacular, and not gender specific. Ack JHB. Burnt Out But Opulent. Various applications, including references to property and people, the image is one of exhausted or useless wealth or luxury.

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    Thanks GJ. Brackets, Order means power, e. BODMAS thanks J McColl provides the sequence for working out and constructing mathematical equations and formulas 'formulae' to be precise containing more than one calculation. This methodology is commonly referred to as the order of mathematical 'operations'.

    Online scams -

    In those two examples we calculate the brackets first. BODMAS is therefore very useful for non-mathematical folk when trying to construct complex formulas formulae for spreadsheet cells. I hasten to add no pun intended that I am not a mathematician and I welcome suggestions for improving this item. Marketingspeak, but also great for emphasising the need for creative thinking to achieve cost-effective, high perceived value promotional selling.

    A fine motto for all who suffer under incompetent management. And if you are a CEO and you begin to see a few BOHICA posters appearing around the place, then perhaps start asking yourself some questions about your organisational culture and management style.. Paternalistic - and thoroughly patronising - expression of traditional values still held by many, including some who lead us. Accepting modern politically correct adaptations, BOMFOG attitudes typically sit snugly alongside the marginalisation of women and all other historically brow-beaten groups. Leadership - and government, and any organized system - should be a force for genuine individual aspiration and emotional maturity.

    Regrettably however many sorts of leadership - especially of significant scale - eventually degenerate into control, manipulation, sham, and BOMFOG principles. By the way the term BOMFOG is linked most famously with certain very grand quotes attributed to the Rockerfellers Nelson and John D around the mid s, generally pronouncing how a new world can be established, based on their own superior, western, 'enlightened' view of life, and the assumption that holding such a view somehow includes the right to impose it on others.

    Sounds familiar? Useful acronym for coaching and giving feedback to people.

    Building a safe, prosperous and respected nation

    Ack C Lloyd. Very useful acronym thanks J O'Connor for inception of projects, committees, investigations inquiries , studies, reports, etc, where purpose, parameters and ground-rules etc. Business Process Outsourcing. I'm wondering when the first example of an outsourced board of directors will be seen Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Nothing. Decision-making aid, applicable and useful for all sorts of situations. What are the benefits and risks from a particular course of action or option or default? What are the alternatives also considering their benefits and risks?