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Luckily for her, she crashes not far from Grant's property. They've never met each other but Grant used to serve in the military with Charli's brother where he took a bullet and saved Grant's life. When he realizes who Charli is, he quickly tries to put the breaks on with his lust. There is no way he is going to seduce the little sister of the man who saved his life.

Especially since his cup of tea has a little bit of sugar and a lot of kink. Charli is a great character. She is a stubborn tomboy by nature and isn't overly girly. She isn't afraid to say what's on her mind and she curses like a sailor. She knows her lack of femininity is what effects her from getting dates but it is who she is. So when she's staying on Grant's property waiting for the smoke to blow over, she follows him onto the resort property and finds herself in a "class" learning how to kneel and be a better submissive.

It isn't until that point that she decides that she wants to change a little bit and become more demure. However, once Grant takes her on as his trainee, she finds that she likes being a sub and not only that but Grant's sub. But their training session has a 2 week expiration date and once everything dies down with the scandal, she will be back to her old life.

Grant is as alpha as one can be.

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He runs the BDSM resort. He trains subs to pass onto their future Doms and everyone knows not to challenge him. When he meets Charli he is torn. He is highly attracted to her but there is no way he can repay the man who saved his life by seducing his younger sister. However, when he finds Charli in the beginners class and she tells him that she wants to be his trainee, the wheels start turning.

At first he thinks that she will bow out the first time he lets his Dom side out but not only does she not yell out the safe word, she responds to his Dom nature. Pretty soon he finds himself battling his past. He's never kissed a woman since his wife, who was brutally murdered in front of him He's never wanted any of his trainee's to stay with him until Charli. And he sure as heck has never been jealous until Chali.

But regardless, he feels like if he lets Charli into his life he will be pissing on the memory of his wife and that is something that he refuses to do. If you can't tell already, I really loved these characters. They were so complex and had issues of their own but they also had revelations as well. You have Charli who goes from a outspoken tomboy to a demure submissive and Grant who goes from a bullheaded Dom to a loving and caring gentleman.

I liked that the author wrote the book in both Grant and Charli's perspective. It was interesting to see Grant's thought process when it came to his Dom nature, since I am fairly new to the subject. This stories characters reminded me a lot of Master of the Mountain by Cherise Sinclair. You have a Dom with a painful past who runs a kinky resort and takes on a woman who is new to the culture and brings out the sub in her.

If you are a fan of Sinclair's than you will love this book. I personally can't wait to go back and read the previous books in this series. I will be impatiently waiting for the next books to come out. The author didn't take the easy route and go with a sexy couple dry humping on the cover. So I'm able to take it to work and the doctors office without people looking at me like I'm a nympho. There is also a sexy shower scene in he story, so this cover isn't totally out of place either. I love the anonymity of it while still keeping true to the story. She has definitely earned a new fan.

Favorite quotes He'd been on the verge of asking her out--a stupid move in the first place because he didn't mess with women who weren't part of the scene. That was setting up disaster from step one.

Nothing like springing on a vanilla person-- Hey, I'm a dominant and a sexual sadist. Yeah, fun conversation. Dec 27, Mandi Schreiner rated it really liked it Shelves: bdsm , contemporary , erotic. Roni Loren pairs him with a tomboy heroine who loves sports and dreams of being a sports anchor one day. Charli learns of a possible college sports scandal, she feels like if she can get this big story, she can prove to her boss she has what it takes to be an anchor. While driving one night, she gets pushed off the road by a large truck with blaring headlights behind her.

Hearing the squeals of brakes, Grant runs up to the edge of his ranch property to see what happened. Seeing an injured woman, he calls for help. Grant soon learns Charli is the sister of his good army buddy, and they also learn her house has been broken into. Fearing someone is angry for what Charli is investigating and owing her brother a favor, Grant agrees to keep Charli at one of his cabins until they can figure out who is after her.

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Grant is instantly aroused by this tall, irish tomboy. But she soon learns he is the owner of this very swanky and exclusive BDSM club, and she learns submitting to him might just lead her to gain confidence in herself….

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I think in the previous book the heroine falls into the submissive role quite quickly, but Charli fights it. Cool cowboy coughed, set his glass down. I admit he is pretty perfect — cia agent, army guy, the most successful winery in Texas, the most successful bdsm club in Texas.

People drop everything for his every whim. He does have some dark demons, ones that Charli helps him conquer. Also the suspense plot in this one is a little weak. It starts out strong but fizzles throughout the book. Overall though I liked these two together. She writes a very sexy cowboy Dom and a fun, feisty heroine. Rating: B I can be tough and mean, freckles. You have no.

Charli was run off the road by another car and her brother demands that she have protection. Grant is fighting demons from his past, having never moved past the pain from losing his wife and unborn child. He feels a deep attraction to Charli, enough to give their two weeks a shot and he pushes Charli to her limits and more.

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Maybe four. Or you only came four times?

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I get distracted at the littlest thing. His cologne is too strong.

Why is he making that face? Does he seriously think that is going to work?

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  8. Am I doing this right? Does he realize that having Sportscenter on in the background is only going to derail me? I found Charli easy to relate to. I loved that. But we also see her start to change, just a little, thanks to Grant and I found her to be very charming and easy to like.

    Fall Into You is a sexy story that more than satisfied my curiosity about Grant that has been building throughout the series. View 1 comment. Grant is one sexy cowboy!! He owns a winery and a BDSM ranch. He finds Charli after she have been in a car accident. Someone had runned her car over the road. He offers to watch over her after he finds out he knows her brother very well. They agree for her to stay with Grant for a few days.

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    Within these days she finds out what his resort is really about. Her interests get intrigued and she wants to learn how to be a submissive. This book is filled of steamy moments. Its not filled with hardcore Grant is one sexy cowboy!! Its not filled with hardcore bdsm. You will addicted to this series. I was able to read this in one day because its that juicy. Mar 23, Francesca the Fierce Under the Covers Book Blog rated it really liked it Shelves: genre-erotica , books-read , own-signed , hott , bdsm-kink.

    This review was posted at Under the Covers 4. When I crack open a Roni Loren book I seem to always expect a very sexy read, characters with depth and a storyline that always keeps engaged while being a bit suspenseful. I often compare this series to Wicked Ties by Shayla Black. But let me start with the hero, because I have something to say here.

    Bear with me. This tiny little fact just increased my enjoyment of this book by like , and I was loving it already.