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'I will forever be grateful': what I owe the NHS, by Nadiya Hussain, Clive James and others

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Adane 2 books view quotes. Oct 10, PM. Lamha books view quotes. Sep 20, AM. Anastasia books view quotes. Some people might be surprised to hear that this is a problem for certain writers, but for English language learners and those who have only heard the word spoken, the confusion makes a little more sense.

In this post, I want to compare greatful vs. I will go over each spelling and outline which is correct and why. Plus, at the end, I will give you a helpful tip to remember the correct spelling for the future. What is the definition of greatful? Greatful is not a word; it is is a common misspelling of grateful , and, therefore, does not have a definition. The reason for this mistake is undoubtedly related to the pronunciation of great. Great and grate are pronounced identically, and people use the word great with much more frequency in speech and in writing, so they think grateful should be spelled accordingly.

Grateful or thankful ? - English Grammar Today - Cambridge Dictionary

That is not the case. You can eliminate greatful from your mind altogether.

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There is never a reason to use it. What is the definition of grateful? The correct spelling of the word is grateful.