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You must sign in or register to continue reading content. A break in this low-octane thrillride as Danny Rose receives treatment. He's back on now but looking a bit limpy. Son wins a corner for Spurs. A more exciting spell.

Football academies: kicking and screaming

Long range shot from Fabinho is beaten down with a little fear by Lloris. At the othe end Alli is on the ball in the box but his shot is charged down. Lucas Moura doesn't look best pleased. Perhaps we'll see him soon? T ottenham running with numbers at Liverpool's defence.

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Eriksen on the ball, perhaps a little slow to switch it to Winks who is keeping pace with him to his right. Robertson is alert to the pass and defends it well. Liverpool come forward now, wonderful cross from deep on the left by Trent but it's just out of Salah's reach in the middle. N o sign of improvement from Liverpool in this half, Jermaine Jenas on co-comms "can't believe what I'm seeing.

It's so unlike a Jurgen Klopp team, they're so erratic. S on is out wide, close to the byline on the right-hand side. Feeds it to Trippier, supporting him from behind. He searches for Kane towards the back post but Liverpool clear. Kane on the ball again soon afterwards, running into a bit of space for the first time in the game. Looks for Alli who's found room just inside the box, but the pass is behind him.

S urely there's more to come from these two teams?

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Those watching are unimpressed:. Pitch announcer describes the first half as "tense. Here's where it hit Sissoko. BT Sport refereeing authority Peter Walton convincing on why it had to be given. L ooking at it again, Sissoko was stood with his arms out wide and Mane had enough time to notice that. Some suggestion his dinked pass was looking to catch Sissoko out purposefully. Smart, and slightly depressing, if so! M uch like Wednesday's Europa League final, that was not a good first half. Those concerned about the pace and sharpness of this game, coming as it does after nearly three weeks off, were correct to be concerned.

Liverpool have pushed Spurs wide and invited them on but Pochettino's team have shown little in the way of composure, calmness or invention to make the best of their possession. Klopp's team have looked the more likely, forcing six corners, but they're not seizing the day in any way either. Their passing accuracy That's appalling for them. T he team in white with dubious navy gradient features push forward again, some pace in this attack and it's Christian Eriksen who is on the ball in the middle.

There's a man free to his left but he elects to shoot and, once more that. Over by a distance. Poor choice, poor execution. M o Salah takes this one, easily hooked away by Son on the near post. L iverpool pressing now as the half dribbles towards its conclusion. Firmino collects the sloppy seconds from Henderson's blocked shot and has a go himself, behind for a Liverpool corner.

They win another shortly afterwards. N othing comes from the resulting corner, but Jan Vertonghen is down for Spurs in his own box, rubbing his elbow. He doesn't very comfortable at all. Came from a clash of forearms as the players were dealing with that corner. I t sounds quiet inside the stadium. Sissoko passes to no-one.

Liverpool with some better work, Matip finds Robertson with an ambitious pass, but it's through the lines and Robertson can advance. No-one closing him down and he takes in the shot from 30 yards. Great effort! Lloris tips it over. That's more like it, stands much more lively now. A lli is into the box for Tottenham, but red shirts all around him. He buys a corner off VVD, it comes to nothing. Spurs with all the possession but not doing much with it. C ommentators having discussions about how hot it is which tells you plenty about the standard of this game at the moment.

Rose tries to inject some energy, pressing forward down the left-hand side, shifts it to Son but it's miscontrolled and out for a throw. Here's a picture of Son anyway, though, because it's pleasant:. R isky business from Tottenham, who perform a tribute to early Pep Man City by passing it between keeper and full-back mere inches from the goalline. Doesn't inspire confidence, does it? W e are in a lull, liveblog fans. He's away from his defender, but also taking the ball too wide and A nother Liverpool corner, this one worked short in an attempt to get Robertson onto the ball.

Spurs stand tall and get rid.

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Only one real jitter for them at the back so far, and it was after 26 seconds and Liverpool looking more settled but it remains a ponderous game, not enormously high-quality so far. B etter spell for Liverpool, deep cross from Robertson, Danny Rose is equal to it and gets it away from danger with his head. Sam Wallace speaks for all of us:. What you didn't see on your TV screens was a female pitch invader wearing very little, whose ProZone stats will record just one high-intensity run through midfield.

T rent takes again, towards the far post, more encouraging punch from Lloris this time, out for a throw a safe distance from goal. S on has a one-on-one with Van Dijk after Kane and Eriksen get it forward at speed. Son tries to cut inside VVD at pace but it's read fairly easily by the Dutchman and the chance is gone.

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Not long afterwards, Alli tries a low cross with Kane waiting in the box. Too close to Alisson who gathers it.

Now, up the other end, it's a Liverpool corner. P itch invader! A break in play in which we're shown some pulse-slowing replays, lest our eyes be sullied forever by the transgressive horror of a person running in a place which they're not supposed to.

ignamant.cl/wp-includes/55/3797-rastreo-estafeta-numero.php K lopp is testing his generous technical area to its very limit and shouting at his players. The "OMG we've scored, what now?