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Knock her thoughts out! In 12 minutes, 1, Philadelphia fight fans will be female boxing converts. Back then, in , I didn't intend to write a book about boxing. Although I am a writer, I wasn't doing this for the material.

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What I was doing in gloves in a ring, beating up a giantess and me a nice middle-class feminist from Holland Park , was what came to interest me as much as the sport itself. What happens when you transpose generic female motivations and confusions into the boxing ring - that was the stuff of a book.

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  8. Exhausted and bleeding in shorts, earning roars of approval for violence, how feminine is that? How feminist? Have gender roles warped out of all recognition, or are the thousands of women who now box all freaks? Or perhaps, as many people in England believe, boxing itself is a freak sport which is dangerous and barbaric and should be banned.

    Being pacific by nature, I tended toward that opinion myself until I came to understand what goes on behind a boxer's eyes. But when a boxer has breasts, what difference does it make, exactly? In America, where I live, attitudes to female boxing veer wildly between adulation, scorn and terror, but the sport does exist in the public awareness.

    In Britain there's a bit further to go before anyone takes it for granted that women can and should box. The British Medical Association, of course, hates it: "a demented extension of equal opportunities" was what it called British welterweight Jane Couch's victory at industrial tribunal which won her a licence to box at home. To me, the undoubted dangers of boxing are a side issue, though, and a convenient platform from which to defend the status quo.

    ASMR 1h Story Time: My University Experience (+Glove sounds, Sequin scratching) REUPLOAD

    It's the sheer nakedness of boxing that really bothers us and it's what drew me to it. The boxer is the most masculine of archetypes.

    To Break In Their Gloves, Yankees Dunk, Tenderize and Lather Up

    I, though a big, rather muscly person who looks stupid in a leotard, still found it tough to convert my self-image into the figure of a convincing pugilist. There were hardly any other women there then, back in , so I used men as models.

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    Then more women trickled in. We were mirrors for each other, prototypes.

    Glove Story: A Sock Opera

    Every permutation of womankind began to troop through Gleason's gym, some to fight, most just to train. The pace in New York picked up in , when the premier amateur tournament, the Golden Gloves, started a female division, which 40 women entered. What drew them - and me - was that it seemed iconoclastic to be boxing, that it was fun to be a pioneer, that it looked cool, that it was empowering.

    But boxing touches more subtle places, too. Matters such as what to do with anger, how to be vulnerable yet protected, open-hearted but no fool, aggressive and still kind. I also found in the boxing gym relief from annoying, tenacious self-loathing in the body department, for lots of reasons, including the fact that there, instead of fighting your weight, you fight at your weight. Boxing-training can make a girl confront femininity issues, but it's fighting where the paradoxes really start flying.

    I find sparring, or practice-fighting, with men easy.

    I have no doubt a man can take my hardest punch. Sparring with women, however, brings up a quasi-feminist quandary that's very uncomfortable. When I first sparred with a woman of equal standard and weight, it felt unnatural to fight her.

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    It should be taken as an act of patriotism and not nationalism. London Olympics bronze medallist wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt said, "The demand for the removal of this badge is not only an insult to the sacrifices of the Indian Army but the Indian Army. We all have fellow countrymen with Dhoni sic. I support Mahi brother. Jai hind Jai Bharat sic ," she wrote on her twitter handle.

    To Break In Their Gloves, Yankees Dunk, Tenderize and Lather Up

    His fans have taken inspiration out of it and he himself is a respected Lt. Col, really strange," he wrote. After India's opening World Cup match against South Africa in Southampton, the ICC requested Dhoni to remove the insignia from his gloves citing rules that forbid display of messages "which relate to political, religious or radical activities or causes". Also read: OTT platforms are gaining popularity but not at the expense of television.

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