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Much what the Church teaches on marriage today is not so much under attack as it is ignored and untaught. I can remember when my wife and I went through pre-Cana, the mandatory teaching session required by the Catholic Church before marriage, it was clear that perhaps two other couples in the group of twenty had a grasp on what marriage really is. And much of the presentation on marriage at the session tended to show Church teaching on marriage filtered through pop psychology: Catholic couples tend to be happier!


According to this study, married couples who practice their religion have better sex lives! Have you heard of Natural Family Planning?

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It will improve your intimacy and communication, and make your marriage stronger! What this approach tends to sidestep is that the modern understanding of marriage—that it is the formalization of a romantic commitment, nothing more and nothing less—has come into being via a steady erosion of ideals, made possible by focusing on hard cases.

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What about a marriage that is desperately unhappy? What about a case where the husband is unfaithful? What do we say about marriage then? This is what makes Ida Elisabeth ring true. Undset gives us a hard case: Ida and her foolish, irresponsible husband Frithjof. While Frithjof is an idler, a dreamer, and a man seemingly incapable of acting like an adult, Ida herself is a prickly, judgmental woman prone to passive-aggressive behavior toward all who displease her. They are uniquely ill-suited to be a couple.

When a series of disasters leads up to an act of betrayal on the part of Frithjof, the couple separates.

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  4. She has a thriving business. Her children appear to be happy. And then she meets another man, Tryggve. But as they fall in love a process marvelously described by Undset Ida keeps getting reminders of the life she tried to leave behind. She must make a choice about her relationship with Tryggve. Despite her own personal flaws, she makes decisions that require immense sacrifice.

    Happiness is not apparent. Suffering is.

    Unlike the superficially happy resolution offered by pop-spirituality, Undset shows that even in the hard, difficult cases, some measure of peace and even joy can be found; but only if suffering—unavoidable in life—can be shouldered and dealt with. Ida Elisabeth is available in softcover, e-book, and audio download from Ignatius Press. John Herreid is catalog manager at Ignatius Press.

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    In addition to catalogs and ads, he has also worked on the cover design for many Ignatius Press books and DVDs. Committed to her multiple responsibilities and unfailing in her maternal love, Ida cherishes the children as the purpose of her existence. She places them first in her life and her personal happiness and individual desires as last.

    Twice she resists the temptation to divorce her husband.

    First, she refuses the offer of an affluent physician, Dr. Think of my children—! Later she resists a second proposal for marriage. To find relief from the tedium of this joyless life and financial struggle, Ida motivates Frithjof to agree to a position as a chauffeur in another city. Even though it means a brief separation, she intends to join her husband when his work and income prove steady.

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    Separating from her husband and leaving for another town, Ida begins a new life in another home without the shame of a man who expects to be mothered by his wife rather than act like the head of a family and a father who provides for his children. Instead of anxiety about the future, Ida now awaits the time when her children will reach adulthood or pursue an education, hopes to prosper in business again, and begins to ponder the meaning of work, life, suffering, and religion.

    In this second phase of her life, Ida attends a social occasion that leads to love. When Tryggve Toksvold invites her to dance, she rejoices in the thrill of new life, feeling young again and embracing once more the beauty of the womanhood that has suffered neglect from her hard life. Toksvold awakens in Ida the romantic longings for the love she has not known in her marriage with Frithjof.

    As the courtship matures into the joy of abiding love and culminates in their engagement, a sudden complication arises.

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    Just as Ida is rejoicing in the blossoming of her womanhood and feeling the ecstasy of true love, her former life revisits her and undoes all her plans for marriage to Toksvold. Tagged as Ida Elisabeth , Sigrid Undset. Mitchell A. Kalpakgian was a native of New England, the son of Armenian immigrants. During his academic career, Dr.