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That might make them even more aggressive than they usually are in real life. Therefore, I think that cyberbullying should be treated as a crime. Yes, definitely. With the invention of any form of technology, there are always unforeseen issues. I read a news article about a year-old student who took her own life after she was bullied for a long time by a group of students at her school. Cyberbullying is often more harmful than your average hate crime because it is constant. It is time we took it more seriously.

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Almost everyone has a smartphone, an iPad, or a computer. We use it to buy things, to talk to people, and to gain knowledge. But, although the online world seems beautiful on the surface, there is a lot of ugliness that is hidden.

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In my opinion, people who bully others online are worse than those who harass others in real life. Over time, the victims might begin to believe what is being said about them, and might do something to hurt themselves. How is this kind of behaviour by a cyberbully any different from a real-life criminal? Talking Points: Should students be required to complete homework over the summer?

There are many people who go on the internet with the intention of being mean to others. They think that they will feel better about themselves after doing this. Some people even bully others online as an act of revenge for something the victim might have done to them.

Philip Johnston says he can't be the only one left confused by the current trends in sentencing.

Because cyberbullying is not illegal, they feel confident that they can get away with saying all sorts of nasty things about others. The victims of cyberbullying might suffer depression or anxiety.

Talking Points: Should cyberbullying be treated as a crime?

They might feel scared and upset, not sleep or eat well. They might stop hanging out with their friends. Imagine how much better they would feel if they could reach out to the police for help. Cyberbullying is mean and malicious, and it should be treated as a crime.

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We should do everything we can to stop it. Threatening to cause physical harm to someone is already a crime in Hong Kong, and so should cyberbullying.

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  • Often, we see the internet being used in a bad way. For example, a student might dox a schoolmate publish their personal details online with intent to cause harm for the purpose of revenge. It might be very hard to define cyberbullying, but it should be done, at least for the sake of making it a crime. We are now accepting your answers for this topic. Young Post covers the latest news, views and stories on Hong Kong students, school life, sport and local education, as well as keeping tabs on what's hot and what's not.

    Mental health News, views, guides to where to find support, and advice on how to take care of your mental health. Talking Points: Should cyberbullying be treated as a crime?

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    July 12, Social Place restaurant review: Contemporary Chinese dim sum done right. July 07, Talking points: is facial recognition technology an invasion of privacy or not? In some cases the police may give the youth a warning instead of arresting him or her. If the youth is arrested and found guilty of a criminal offence, the sentence must be fair for the crime committed. The goal of the law is to prevent crime and help young people become responsible members of their communities. The law also wants youth involved in crime to understand the effect of their criminal acts.

    Protection of the public is important.

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    A youth must have the opportunity to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible and at every step in the criminal process. A judge will not allow a youth to plead guilty unless he or she understands the criminal charge, understands the options guilty or not guilty , and understands the fact that he or she might get a sentence.

    If a youth goes to court without a lawyer, a duty counsel lawyer paid by the government will be there to help. The Youth Justice Court a division of BC Provincial Court is for criminal cases for young people under the age of 18 when the alleged crime happened. A judge listens to the evidence and decides if the youth is guilty or not guilty. If guilty, the judge also decides on a sentence. All Youth Justice Court cases are scheduled for a morning or afternoon hearing.

    The youth who has been charged with committing an offence waits until it is time for his or her case to be heard. The charges against the youth are read out loud. Before deciding on the right sentence, the judge will ask for more information about the youth. At the trial, the Crown prosecutor will ask witnesses to say what they know about the crime. The Crown prosecutor will ask questions. At the end of the trial, the judge will decide if the youth is guilty or not guilty. If the youth is not guilty, he or she is free to go.

    If the judge decides the youth is guilty, the judge will decide on a sentence punishment. Judges apply special rules when sentencing youth. Sentences should be similar to other youth sentences in similar cases. A sentence should not be more severe than a sentence given to an adult. The judge will give a sentence that helps the youth feel responsible for their actions.

    Compiling and Comparing International Crime Statistics

    When a youth is convicted of committing a crime, his or her name cannot be published. This is done to protect the youth. So, for example, if there is a report in the paper about the crime, the youth will be referred to only by the initials of his or her name like K. If the youth has committed a very serious crime like murder , he or she might be treated as an adult in court. Usually, a youth will only be sent to jail if he or she has committed a violent offence and is a serious repeat offender the youth has committed the same or similar offence before.

    A judge will think about many things before sending a youth to jail.