PDF Learn to Read with Tug the Pup and Friends! Set 1: Books 1-5 (My Very First I Can Read)

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This comprehensive emergent reading program addresses all the components of reading mastery based on the latest early literacy research. Written by educator and reading specialist Dr.

Julie M. Wood, with lively illustrations by Sebastien Braun, this Common Core—aligned program stars Tug the Pup and an endearing group of characters who will lead beginners through the proven steps for successful reading. The Learn to Read with Tug the Pup program features important Common Core State Standards connections, including sight word vocabulary, simple text, strong picture support, and character and plot development.

STORYWRAPS: "Ways Parents Discourage Their Kids from Reading" - a book wrap

The five short stories in Set Three, Books 1 to 5, are Guided Reading Levels E—F, which means the vocabulary, sentence structure, and plots are still simple, but richer than sets one and two. Each set also comes with a Parents' Guide that provides hours of additional reading activities.

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Beatrice's Goat. Page McBrier. Harry the Hedgehog 1. Pam and Lee Hunter.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Kathi Ember. Dayna Martin. The Chicken Squad. Doreen Cronin.

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Shelley Admont. Paul McDougall. Freddy and Simon the Dictator. Walter R. Louise Lintvelt. Warduff and the Corncob Caper. Mat Head. Jennifer Adams. In, Over and On the Farm. Ethan Long.

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Dizzy Izzy. Jon Scieszka. Baby Professor. The Loopycoop Hens. Janet Morgan Stoeke. Betty's Burgled Bakery. Travis Nichols. Charlie the Ranch Dog: Stuck in the Mud. Diane deGroat. ABCs With Wealos. Steven Stonebraker. Jodi Visits The Farm. Jean Shaw. Big Pig. Sharon Coan. Farm Explorers.


Learn to Read with Tug the Pup and Friends! Set 2: Books 1-5

Igloo Books Ltd. Erica Silverman. Words and Your Heart. Kate Jane Neal. Sam Is Six. Shelley Dieterichs. Stalag Luft III was thought to be "escape-proof" due to the sandy soil which made it difficult to tunnel and the sensors in the ground meant to detect any tunneling activity.

By , them men had tried dozens of escapes and they had all failed. This section ends with the sentences that will hook readers into the rest of the book "As the months wore on, the prisoners' plans of escape became ever more bold and courageous. The time was ripe for a plan to finally succeed.

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Turn the page, and we have full-color, full-page graphics that tells the story with comic book conventions, dialogue bubbles and short blocks of explanatory text to fill in the story. The drawings are well-done and give readers context and a sense of the setting of the story. Even though the amount of text is small, the story coheres and tells us of the men's cleverness, from singing to cover up the sound of digging, to having the men sneak out the dirt they've dug by dropping it from inside their pant legs and spreading it throughout the prison yard.

The story maintains the tension as we learn that only men are given permission to try to escape since they don't think they'll have time for more. As I read, I wondered what would happen to the men remaining. It took bravery to remain behind and know the punishments could be severe. On the night of the escape, the men ran in to several difficulties that slowed them down.

For one thing, the exit for the tunnel was too close to the guard house, and they had to post someone to let the men know when they could safely run to the woods. In addition, a portion of the tunnel caved in, and some men got jammed in the tunnel if their blanket rolls weren't tied right. This being war, the ending isn't as happy as we'd hope.

The Nazis captured 73 of the prisoners who escaped. Of those, they executed The books tells us these figures matter-of-factly, and then focuses on the 3 who still had a chance for freedom.

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  • They all managed to escape Germany and find their way back to freedom. At the end, we go back to text, and the book explains how the breakout achieved its goal, tying up numerous personnel in the search for escapees.

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    It also has a brief account of the lives of the 3 that escaped. Though it doesn't go into wrenching detail, it does mention that one of them men learned that two brothers had been killed in concentration camps and his father had been blinded. The other two moved to Canada and later worked for Norwegian airlines. The back matter includes a glossary, critical thinking questions , a list of additional books, and a code number for the site facthound.