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Two types of star clusters are visible in the image. The wispy nebula running top to bottom of this image is a nearby star forming region. But here in infrared light we see the light of the dust itself as it is warmed by the light of the newborn stars in the cluster green and red. This star cluster has been called the Coronet Cluster.

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It is located some light-years from Earth, and stretches about 10 light-years across. He was raised in a community where the old ways of passing down knowledge and traditions were still very much alive. Upon arrival he studied classical guitar and double bass in a more formal setting before embarking on his career as a professional musician that quickly saw him rise to prominence due to his versatility, empathy, impressive technique, and gracious, open-minded personality.

He remains based in Paris to this day. He makes the violin sound like a traditional African instrument. When I decided to have him in the Prophets, I was not thinking of him as a violinist per se — more like a musician who understands diverse African music.

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That was actually a big part of my job: past things to different departments. Sound easy? Yeah, maybe, but before it gets easy, you have to remember all the different departments and their tasks and even the names of the people who work in all those different departments. For example in my work place we had leisure activities, lounge bar, which is our restaurant, IT-office, bookings department, accounts department, education etc..

I carried out several different duties, but mainly answering phone, dealing with clients queries, dealing with arrivals and departures, entering bookings in the system for online reservations, collecting direct payments for accommodation, excursions and lessons and so much more. As a receptionist in a language school you work with student in all of the ages and from all around the world.

You have to have a lot of common sense, act fast and be ready to answer for the most different kinds of questions at any point of your shift. I know all this sounds like it was crazy and super busy, and most of the time it really was, but I still loved every second of it. It was the best kind of job for me, especially at this time of my life.

What it comes to my free time in Malta, it would not be nothing without my co-workers and students who became friends. I was so happy and grateful to meet all those people who I can now call one of my best friends. So, what did we do in our spare time? We went sightseeing all around Malta: new cities, beaches, churches, restaurants.

We partied a lot and just hang out basically everyday. We did everything together. Down below you can see few of my favorite go to places. Eeetwell was one of the places I went to eat or at least crap a smoothie every other day. My favorite and probably most common places to visit in Malta cities in Malta where Mdina and Valletta. Mdina is so cute, little and pretty. Valletta, the capital city of Malta is also a must to visit.

You can easily spend your whole day there because there is also restaurants and bars around the beach. Malta also has two islands very close by, Cozo and Comino.

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Both worth to go! In Comino you will find a beautiful Blue Lagoon. My favorite church is for sure St. After spending four months in Malta, it started to feel like home.

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This summer was full of the most beautiful moments in my life which I would not change for anything! Pictures speak better than words but if you have any questions about my summer, my internship or Sprachcaffe in general, feel free to contact me, I would love to tell you more! Everyone should do exchange period! I really loved the city and there were not so many tourists as Amsterdam has.

You could choose one 15 ects minor, I chose Human Resource Management.

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The best thing about my studies were HRM courses. I learned so much! Teachers were all very motivated and inspiring and classes were well planned. I also think student respected teachers more which was nice. I lived next to the school in this big building in 21 st floor and had amazing view of The Hague from my window.

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I had my own room but shared the rest of the apartment with three others, two boys and one girl. They were also exchange students. We became a one big happy family and spent a lot of time together. Our friends often came to our apartment and we had movie nights, cooked together, sang singstar, talked, drank and partied and played a lot of Uno. So many happy memories. After Erasmus our group has stayed close and we even had our first reunion already! During my free time I traveled to many other Dutch cities as it was very easy by train.

I really had the best time of my life, in school and in the free time. I can warmly recommend The Hague and all Erasmus experience. Vienna, Austria was absolutely amazing. I arrived to Vienna in the end of August and I left the city in the end of January. The experience was unbelievable. Vienna was my number one choice when applying for exchange so it was like a dream come true.

Teachers were kind and professional and they understand that we were exchange students. I had teachers from around the world, from Australia etc. I had seven different courses during my exchanges. I think the courses very interesting and useful. Timing of the lectures changed every time in every week and sometimes I had only like two schooldays in a week.

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So I had a lot of spare time. In my spare time, I traveled a lot. I visited seven different countries during my exchange, In Italy, Slovenia, Poland etc. Travelling there was very cheap and easy. This is my first time in Asia, so there is so much to discover here! Many exchange students were able to fix their timetables so that there would not be classes on fridays, which gives us one extra day to travel around. Otherwise I have classes from oenology to revenue management and even a course for holistic health and wellness.

In my perspective, it seems like a very interesting catalogue of courses. In Finland we are more focused on restaurant business in our studies while in Malaysia we will learn more about the international hospitality industry. This exchange period is probably going to be very useful for our future careers as we get to widen our knowledge from different viewpoints as well.