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  • Previous Article Next Article. You may also like:. Popular Stories. Newsletter Sign Up To receive periodic updates and news from BleepingComputer , please use the form below. A police officer uses pepper spray during a clash with protesters on July 1.

    A protester wearing a T-shirt with the word "revolution" walks past an inscription on a road that reads "Long Live HK. Police detain protesters near the government headquarters in Hong Kong on July 1. An overhead view shows thousands of protesters marching through a Hong Kong street on Sunday, June Protesters run after police fired tear gas on Wednesday, June Protesters face off with police during the rally on June By the morning of June 12, tens of thousands of mainly young people had arrived in the area, blocking streets and bringing central Hong Kong to a standstill.

    A demonstrator holds a sign during the June 12 rally. Police officers charge toward protesters during clashes on Monday, June It was a continuation of protests that started the day before. Protesters on June 9 waved placards and wore white -- the designated color of the rally. Students wear chains during a demonstration on Saturday, June 8. Before this year, pro-democracy protesters had peacefully marched each year on July 1 to mark the occasion.

    It's just a very normal thing to do," said Leslie, a year-old protester and former English teacher. Leslie isn't her real name. She asked that CNN change it due to fears of reprisals. In , was a long way off for a teenager.

    J Henry Fair

    They'd likely be retired by then. But Jim and Leslie will be in their 40s and 50s, respectively.

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    With that in mind, more than , turned out for this year's July 1 rally which begins at Victoria Park each year, according to organizers' estimates. Yet that's not where Jim and his team went. They met in Admiralty, outside the government's headquarters. Calvin was already there by the time Jim arrived.

    The year-old university student had spent the night sleeping on the ground nearby, with only a power bank to charge his phone and the clothes on his back. He wanted to be one of the first protesters there. Protesters stand behind barricades outside the government headquarters the morning of July 1. People dressed in black and with masks covering their faces began pulling railings from the sidewalks to use as barricades.

    Some started to dig up bricks from the walkways. Calvin said that at about 2 p. At first, Calvin didn't think it was a good idea. His instinct was to push back against violence and destruction. And he didn't think the public would support it. But both ended up doing what teenagers often do. They followed their friends. Some of Calvin's friends were at the front, trying to break the glass doors leading into LegCo. He chose a middle ground: stand guard with an umbrella as other protesters smashed the doors with makeshift battering rams.

    Protesters attempt to break a window at the government headquarters in Hong Kong on July 1. Police standing inside the government headquarters look at protesters who tried to smash their way into the building. With every violent push, the protesters chipped away at the barriers standing in their way. A handful of police officers stood on the other side of the glass. They warned people to stop or they would use force. Protesters smash glass doors and windows to break into the parliament chamber of Legislative Council Complex on July 1. The police had vanished.

    Hundreds of protesters stormed in, cheering, waving their hands and celebrating their victory. Then they vandalized everything in sight. They shattered more glass doors. They destroyed computers. They tore down portraits. Many thought protesters went too far by ransacking government property. Hong Kong is famously clean, efficient and safe.

    It boasts one of the world's lowest violent crime rates. Wanton destruction, mob violence and that level of vandalism are incredibly rare. With a successful strike at the symbolic heart of Hong Kong's unelected leader, Carrie Lam, Calvin thought the protesters were able to make an important point -- that "the government has already sic lose its legitimacy.

    Once they reached the building's second floor, some started battering the entrance to the legislative chamber. It took them 30 minutes to get in. Once inside, one protester ripped apart a copy of the Basic Law, which acts as Hong Kong's mini-constitution. Another climbed up and spray-painted the city's emblem in black.

    Then they erected the British colonial flag. Chaotic scenes inside LegCo.

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    Jim stayed inside for about 45 minutes, helping those who were spraying some of the graffiti that would become symbols of the protesters' anti-government fury. Then news that police had warned of an impending clearance operation circulated through LegCo, which was trashed by this point. Protesters like Jim left on their own terms. But his team learned on Telegram that four protesters had stayed.

    So Jim and his friends chose to join hundreds of others who went back inside to convince those who remained to leave. Everyone departed minutes before riot police arrived, firing tear gas toward the retreating crowd. Jim felt like he belonged. At that moment, strangers felt like family. Police fire tear gas at protesters near the government headquarters on July 2. Bobo watched the events of July 1 and June 12 unfold from Canada, where she was attending university.

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    The something Hong Kong native had a cute little dog and hoped to stay in the country once she graduated. Maybe she'd teach children.

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    For now, she liked to grab drinks with friends at night and play bar games. Darts was one of her favorites. But she was enraged watching police fire rubber bullets at protesters. So in early July, Bobo left her beloved toy poodle with a friend and booked a ticket home to Hong Kong. She began administering a group on Telegram called Bobo, which means "baby" in Cantonese, and grew it into one of the biggest and most reliable Hong Kong protest channels -- with nearly 30, members to date.

    On the group, she sends regular updates about gatherings, police movements and other real-time news.

    Far-reaching reforms may be inevitable to keep the economy from stalling

    She asked that CNN not use her real name and just refer to her as Bobo, fearing that police would target her. Bobo supported the protesters who stormed LegCo on July 1. She called them heroes.