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Captain Joseph T. Dawson helped stave off German counterattacks at Aachen. Riflemen from the th Infantry of the 28th Division creep through the Huertgen Forest near Vossenack in early November. Eisenhower quizzes Major General Norman D. After more than three weeks the attack sputtered and stalled, reaching the west bank of the Roer river but not the Rhine, as U. The high command contemplates a winter campaign in northern Europe.

Churchill; Tedder. German launch crews would fire more than 1, V-2s at Antwerp during a six-month period, in addition to some 4, V-1 flying bombs. At a Belgian crossroads in the early hours of the battle of the Bulge, German soldiers strip boots and other equipment from three dead GIs. After U. German soldiers smoke captured American cigarettes in front of a U. He is seen here in a Nuremberg jail cell, awaiting trial for war crimes in late Lieutenant Colonel Joachim Peiper led a vanguard of six thousand SS troops across Belgium in a vain effort to seize crossings on the Meuse river.

Convicted of mass murder, he would be condemned to death but his sentence was commuted. Major General Matthew B. Gavin, commander of the 82nd Airborne Division. McAuliffe, a short, genial artilleryman. GIs from the th Infantry Regiment in a mess line north of Bastogne on January 13, , shortly before the convergence of the U.

First and Third Armies in the Ardennes. A young SS soldier captured by the U. A German saboteur, captured while wearing a U. Army uniform during the battle of the Bulge, is lashed to a stake moments before his execution by a firing squad in Belgium. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill aboard the U. Quincy in Grand Harbour, Malta, on February 2. Anna Roosevelt Boettiger, left, and Sarah Churchill Oliver accompanied their fathers on the long journey to the Crimea.

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The president had but two months to live. After overcoming ammunition shortages early in the summer and fall of , American gunners by early often fired ten shells or more for every one fired by the enemy.

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Known to Germans as the Westwall and begun in , the fortifications, which included three thousand bunkers and pillboxes, stretched from the Dutch border to Switzerland. Lieutenant General Jacob L.

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Capable and decisive, with a talent for handling his prickly French subordinates, Devers also had a knack for provoking his American peers. Murphy, a fifth-grade dropout from Texas, earned both a battlefield commission and the Medal of Honor for his valor in France. Seventh Army mm howitzers hammer a German observation post across the Rhine in Brisach in mid-February, shortly after the last enemy troops were expelled from the Colmar Pocket in Alsace.

The Ludendorff railroad bridge, seen from the east on the morning of March 17, with the German town of Remagen visible across the Rhine. Goar on March One battalion came under fire even before launching its assault boats, and German defenses included a gasoline-soaked barge set ablaze in midstream. The division suffered almost three hundred casualties in reaching the east bank. The wreckage of a B Liberator in a German field. When U. Less than three weeks later, Rose, considered among the U. Lieutenant Colonel John K.

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Waters, captured in Tunisia in , survived two years of German captivity and efforts to free him in a failed raid on the Hammelburg prison camp, concocted by his father-in-law, George Patton. Seen here in a hospital bed after his eventual liberation, Waters went on to attain four-star rank. The booty discovered by Third Army troops in an old potassium mine below the German town of Merkers included gold bars, gold coins, art works, and valuables stolen from concentration camp victims. Canadian infantrymen march through a Dutch town on April 9. The starving Dutch had been reduced to eating nettle soup, laundry starch, the occasional cat or dog, and million tulip bulbs.

XV Corps. Dead inmates discovered in the concentration camp at Buchenwald after its liberation on April 11 by the U. An estimated 56, victims had been murdered at Buchenwald and its subcamps. Soldiers from the U. Investigators later concluded that vengeful GIs gunned down at least twenty-eight SS guards after they had surrendered. Prisoners by the acre: an aerial photograph taken on April 25 shows some of the , Germans herded into a temporary encampment near Remagen. American stockades alone held more than 1. The former OB West commander is accompanied by a medic wearing a brassard, and his son, a German lieutenant.

You are most likely just another loud mouthed New Yorker. Get educated on the topics that seem to cause you such indignation. However, the other comments on this page specifically ones fighting over US politics are ridiculous.

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What is now? The dropping of the atomic bombs had a very specific aim: to announce to Russia that the US had atomic weapons, and to stop the Russians from invading Japan and setting it up as a communist client state. The Russians were mobilizing faster than the US.

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Their invasion of Japan was imminent. So yes, the US did not have to drop atomic bombs on Japan to get them to surrender. The Japanese were on the verge of surrender. The US had to drop the atomic bombs to keep Japan from falling into Russian hands. Please read historical texts. History is fascinating. I am a Chinese and I really admire the guy because of his guts, I have read all the comments up there and what I have to say is stop being so closed minded, be open minded and think two ways. Denise, what you have to realize is there are are dickheads all over the world.

For instance, look in the mirror. Go research first, before you do that. Stupid Chinese. Back to the main topic, this is a great article!