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Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Thriller Books Thrillers. Description Tara Evans never planned on getting involved with a married man, but when Louie Morelli assumes control of the swank Miami Beach hotel she works for, Tara falls hard for the charismatic mobster, rushing headlong into a hot affair. Things heat up after Louie discovers that the hotel's former proprietor, Franco Santia, has been hustling hot diamonds. Soon a rare gem--a magnificent "blue diamond" is uncovered. The diamond is Franco's ticket to paradise, and he and his creepy pal, Manny, are desperate to get it back.

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After Manny accosts Tara, Louie "persuades" Franco to betray him. Then he devises a scam involving a famous filmmaker, an eccentric diamond dealer, a mysterious hit man, and his lovely lady, Tara. Ross Armstrong, sent out to assess him for a possible transfer back to England, is puzzled. But as Armstrong delves deeper he finds himself being drawn into an off-the-field drama of deception, tragedy and violence. Ex-cop turned private eye Jack Nightingale is used to dealing with tricky situations. He's faced down the powers of hell a couple of times, too.

In this new short story, he's called in to help a policeman who's lying at death's door.

The doctors can't work out what's wrong. But the dying man's colleagues swear blind that he was cursed by a gypsy during the Dale Farm clearance.

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And Nightingale could be his only hope. Jack Nightingale is the hero of Stephen Leather's supernatural detective novels. A bodyguard expects trouble. But as the corpses pile up and the intrigue thickens around him, Mann realises he's taken on big trouble - and will be lucky to get out alive It will plunge you headlong into a world of treachery and violence, of mystery and sudden death. Nathan has never been able to forget the worst night of his life. Only he and an old acquaintance know what really happened and they have made a pact to keep silent.

Now, years later, a knock on his door brings terrifying news. Old wounds are suddenly reopened, threatening to tear Nathan's whole world apart, as he comes face to face with the bleak landscape of lies and deception that has become his life. When the bodies of two friends are found near the penthouse apartment of a known crime boss, Joe Hunter has revenge on his mind.

He's never tolerated bullies, but this time it's personal. And no matter how many heads he has to bash to do it, Joe will find his man. Includes a sneak preview of Blood and Ashes, the exhilarating fifth novel in the Joe Hunter series. Though they seem to have everything, Hannah Parks has watched her husband, Dallin, become increasingly distant.

Her hope is buoyed when the couple decides to start a family, but what Dallin reveals in his sleep one night rocks Hannah to her core. As she starts to investigate a much darker side of Dallin than she ever knew existed, Hannah peels away the layers of a diseased relationship closely tied to her own abusive past. When Dallin attempts to have Hannah abducted, she is forced to run, doing so with the aid of a man named Black—an ex-con and expert at helping people disappear.

Together they must keep Hannah safe from her husband's far-reaching grasp, all the while trying to solve the mystery behind Dallin's sudden violence.

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Does Hannah's dark family history hold the key to her survival? It's a beautiful day on the New Jersey shore.

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The residents of Long Beach Island—a narrow strip of land connected to the mainland by a single bridge—are going about their daily routines, enjoying the lovely weather. They have no idea that far out to sea, a plane carrying a nuclear device has crashed. The resultant explosion triggers a massive underwater landslide.

By the time anyone realizes the water is coming, it's almost too late. The National Guard is deployed—on the mainland, since the fast-approaching thirty-foot-high wall of water will flatten everything on the island. Terrified residents stream toward the slender lifeline of the bridge, causing the island's first—and last—major traffic jam. In the frantic struggle to reach safety, strangers offer help to people they've never seen before and neighbors turn against neighbors.

Some cannot decide which precious possessions must be saved, and so take nothing—or refuse to leave. Others attempt to profit from the panic, looting abandoned homes and businesses. In this timely stand-alone thriller ripped from the headlines, bestselling author James Grippando Lying with Strangers, Intent to Kill, Born to Run explores a world in which the destruction of financial institutions and the people who run them can occur in a matter of hours—even minutes. With the slimmest of clues, a confused and desperate Pete begins to trace Ellen's path.

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As he pieces together the truth behind his wife's disappearance, he realizes that his ignorance of Ellen's secrets has not only jeopardized their marriage, but may also cost the woman he loves her life. Certain of nothing but the need to find her, Pete crisscrosses the country in a harrowing race against the clock that ends in a brutal, fiery confrontation on a desert mountain top—a stunnning shocker that will leave you guessing until the very end.

Like a doomed moth drawn helplessly toward an enticing yet lethal flame, Sam Spielman also falls helplessly under her spell. The two could not be more different — and more alike — and more in love. She proves to be as wily and intelligent as she is beautiful as she swiftly adapts to the jet setting world of haute couture. She segues her supermodel status into a blossoming acting career, remaining glued to the fast track of a world of power and privilege.

For the better part of a decade, Coco balances life on the edge of a deadly and enticing razor. Then the unthinkable happens.

Bellomo’s Mob Thriller Book, Louie Morelli’s Daughter.

From the exotic African svelte lands of Kenya to the breathtakingly beautiful sands of Barbados, Coco rides the golden bullet, hanging on for dear life until finally and inevitably, the gold begins to tarnish. In the end, Sam Spielman is forced to choose between the unthinkable and the impossible. Seemingly trapped with a one way ticket on the voyage of the damned, can Coco and Sam find the only way out?

Coco finally reaches for redemption in the barren deserts of Nevada. In a riveting conclusion with a surprising twist, perhaps the wages of sin can be spent more wisely than even they would have believed possible. When the next generation of technology seeps into the brains of the next generation of people, former medical student turned journalist Nat Idle must investigate and stop the invasion. In the tradition of Lisa Gardner, Steve Berry, and Joseph Finder, Richtel has delivered a whip-smart page-turner that melds cutting-edge science with a technological mystery and a shocking finale.

A deftly told tale, the scariest part of The Cloud is how close to reality it could be. The Cloud, the second in the Nat Idle series, includes a bonus short story, "Floodgate. The flight to London was supposed to be a short cut home, but for seven of the delegates gathered at an art convention it becomes the most terrifying journey they will ever make.

An incident on the flight reveals the existence of a priceless artefact - and blows open a conspiracy that has been kept hidden for centuries. Every passenger on the plane is now caught up in a race to find the prize for themselves - but within 24 hours of the flight, three people have been silenced by someone who knows the devastating consequences should the full story ever come to light.

The race is on. The body count is rising. No one can be trusted. Brabant, A clandestine brotherhood hides a secret that could bring down the Catholic Church. Their chosen hiding place - the art of Hieronymus Bosch. London, An excommunicated priest approaches both the Church and the art world, claiming to possess an artefact that will destroy their reputations.

This man, Nicholas Laverne, is poised to end over years of silence and injustice. Yet, unknown to Nicholas, he has just summoned a killer intent on silencing him. In building a defense, Michael is drawn into a high-stakes art fraud that leads him from the seediest parts of Boston to the sophisticated Amsterdam inner sanctum of international crime.

Still bruised from her encounter with The Cleveland Slasher, Dana, and her partner Jeremy Brown, soon become embroiled in a macabre game of cat and mouse as they try to hunt down this highly intelligent but utterly ruthless murderer before he claims his next victim.

And then they realise they might be up against not one killer but two - and all hell breaks loose Thorpe, a Special Forces agent, and Parker, a beautiful missile specialist, barely thwarted a nuclear holocaust in The Omega Missile. This time, from the Persian Gulf to Germany, they must race not only the clock, but also the CIA and the deadliest of terrorists, to save us all. Joseph has a particular talent for such killings. Never questioning an order, all he needs is a name.