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Jackson is a tag-along. Truffle pig Jaynou Oliver Beck Tpwk Cool story National Blunt Day Golfing University of Waterloo Inglewood God damnit anyway Fump You will never buy a tagalong again after trying these. I am all for supporting the Girl Scouts, so go ahead and buy your other favorite flavors.


But now you can make your own tagalongs at home with just 3 ingredients — and on the cheap. If you make these, I want to know what you think! The following measurements are for making 10 cookies. I wrote it out this way hoping it would be easiest for those of you wanting to make a little…or a lot! A wonderful friend of mine from work made a batch of these to take with me on a trip. They were the highlight. Thank you for sharing. I hope that is okay.

Healthy Girl Scout Cookies: Tagalongs

I gave you total credit. All of the political rants were totally off topic. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone is entitled to express their opinion. Haha I was a Girl Scout so we bought a lot of cookies! I actually bought some thin mints yesterday from some girls set up on a Chicago sidewalk!

I count eat them gluten but I have them as a hostess gift to the woman hosting our Chicago logger book club that I was on my way to! They look amazing! Will have to include them next year for sure. I used to buy GS cookies.

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Then I saw the GMOs used in the list of ingredients this was waaaay before I overhauled my nutrition and I wanted to throw up. Katie, you made me the happiest girl in the world. Gluten-free tagalongs!

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And not just gluten free, but grain free, too!!!! They always make me feel so guilty when I say no. Donate to the local group or school directly and make your own cookies using these wonderful recipes KT works so hard coming up with for us. Thank you KT! The girls also earn gift cards which help to defray the cost of badges and programs.

Thanks to all who help other moms like myself who teach so many life skills through this organization. I am jumping up and down and doing a happy dance. I was in GS for 10 years and sold cookies every year and so I still buy from the scouts I know. Thank you so much for this recipe Katie! I like the idea of donating a box though.

Healthy Girl Scout Cookie Tagalongs

These look delish! This is painful as I am a PB addict! I felt somewhat silly… Perhaps as an adult I should not confess such things! Ohhhh tagalongs. So good. Darn you Katie! Now I have to make these tonight! I am so glad I found your blog. I love how creative you are! So easy and best of all, clean and natural ingredients!!

But I think you have seriously outdone yourself by recreating girl scout cookies! Thanks so much for all your amazing recipes! If asked though, I would probably do the same as you. I loved girl scout cookies growing up. Who needs the trans-fats and preservatives?

Plus we never have cash on us! Thanks for the healthified Tag-a-longs! I have to make them. I actually do buy girl scout cookies. I bought thin mints, which were my favorite, and the Savannah smiles my new favorite. I am in luck with this post! I saw the Girl Scouts outside the market this weekend and sadly have to pass by because of their ingredients! Thank you for this! If you think you are supporting the cute little girl who comes to you door, think again.

The actual troop sees very little of the money. Unlike the Boy Scouts where the kid actually gets lots of cash personally to do whatever he wants with. Oh, thanks for this! I feel so bad turning down all the Girl Scouts when they offer me cookies this time of year. Memphis Scouts go through LBB, so no vegan options here. Do you think rice flour would be ok to use instead? Um, yum.

Thank you for posting this. This might finally stop me from stealing boxes of girl scout cookies every time I walk by one of their tables. I was surprised that the PB cookie one was not. This recipe looks fantastic. I was so Giddy this morning when i saw the post come through my email on this! Is there another flour that can be subsituted for the almond flour?

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I have a tree nut allergy, thank goodness not a peanut allergy! I must admit, I had a samoa cookie last Saturday. These look amazing! Former Girl Scout leader checking in here. A few years ago, the cookies were reformulated to eliminate trans fats. A few still have less than 0.

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The Council keeps up the camp properties allowing the girls to camp for nearly free. Many properties have to maintain swimming pools, cabins, tents, archery equipment, kayaks, and may even have horses to feed so that girls can have some pretty amazing experiences. The Council also put on events that are highly subsidized so that girls of all socioeconomic levels can have quality and varied experiences. Cookie sales are absolutely vital to this! If you want to help the GS organization but do not want the cookies, buy a box for our troops. Hope this helps! I would love to see them take out the partially-hydrogenated oils from the cookies.