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Thanks for sharing these amazing couples with us, it goes to show we also can have amazing marriages.

4) The Greatest Love Story Ever Told by Connie Witter: Transformed by His Love

Have a super blessed day! Darlene, you have really outdone yourself with this post. Just beautiful!

Thank you for your ministry; you have encouraged me in more ways than I can count! As I struggle in my marriage right now, I am so blessed by what you share on your site Darlene, especially this post.

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These marriages had their struggles and God brought them through. I know he will bring mine through our struggles too. Thank you for the reminder! Awesome post, Darlene! If you have Netflix there are two movies that you should look up. Both are very good and beautifully done, but that Book of Ruth! Have a Happy Valentine's Day! I never would have picked out all the points that he did. God truly does speak in ALL of scripture!

We had issues with our website but the sermon is finally uploaded.

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  7. Be blessed! Thank you Ms. Darlene for such beautiful words of encouragement and for the reminder that God in His wisdom give us the Bible as our totally source for life. If we want to learn about married all we have to do is look through God words. They same instructions He came them still ring true for us today. Couple 1 Two women exchanged as property for labour.

    Couple 2 Polygamy with the dude playing favorites between his two wives. Even that Sister Wives clown of a husband knows better than that. Are you seriously suggesting that we should aspire to the marriage of Esther and Ahasuerus? Culturally approved sex slavery? Are you kidding me? She submitted because the rules were submit or die.

    The Top 6 Couples of the Bible

    And later she completely violated those rules, NOT submitting, and hoped for the best because her people were at stake. Couple 4 Sure, Joseph behaved reasonably well. Couple 5 This one is great. A true egalitarian marriage. Apparently sharing the paying work and the ministry equally actually is okay with God. Couple 6 Meh Boaz seemed like a decent enough guy.

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    Annie, Couple 1 This was to way of their culture, this was their way of life in these days. Couple 2 Polygamy was not Gods idea. However again it was a way of life in their times. Couple 3 Ester knew it was Gods will for her to go and again this is what they did in their times.

    Couple 4 Joseph and Mary were approached by an angel that told them Gods plan, was it easy no not at all. Couple 5 How is this bad? Doing the work of God…. Couple 6 Boaz was a noble man again something that was done in their times. Today people from our past would have bad things to say about our society.

    The Greatest Love Story: The Bible

    No marriages, self centered, always finding the worst in everyone. Grocery stores! Ha they wouldnt believe their eyes. Yes each and every person in the bible except God and Jesus Christ had human flaws, but just because you have done something bad would you want everyone to look at you as the person who did that for the rest of your life?

    Well Thankfully Jesus can wash away your sin and give you grace. So that you can be who you are without always being called by your sin.

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    5. Appreciate you and God bless. My all time favorite couple, that has the least publicity is Noah and his wife. And the example that she showed to their children. Because ultimately only one small family was saved form the great flood. All how ever many people were already populated the earth though that Noah was crazy and not a single other person believed in the prophesy of the great flood.

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      So to me that silent lady that stood by her husbands side no matter what others thought of their family and whole heartedly trusted God deserves more attention. Nice one, full of comfort, hope and very educative with sound doctrine. May all see God more in what you have written, so that Praise, Glory and Honer may not come to you but goes to God who gave you wisdom, knowledge and understanding over this marriage subject.

      God bless you, your family and book ministry sister Darlene Schacht. She enjoys doing it on my phone in Spanish. Would LOVE more stories. Jonah would have large fish, not whale [which some books erroneously use] - which is a mammal The games are interesting and appreciate increasing complexity levels in matching card game.

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