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He's restored his family's fortunes after his father nearly lost everything through drink, violence and deceit. He believes he's inherited his father's violent temper and alcoholism and is determined not to succumb to them. He values honesty above all else and focuses on working hard and avoiding emotional attachment at any cost, even an empty life.

But empty lives can be filled--at least for a short while--and Dallas sets out to seduce Cassandra. Unfortunately seduction--and her body's responses to this arrogant, powerful and sexy man--wasn't something Cassandra could prepare for. She just hopes that his interest--and her resistance--will hold out long enough to ruin him The following ISBNs are associated with this title:. ISBN - Look for similar items by category:.

The Playboy's Redemption: A MacKenzie Romance by Diana Fraser -

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Age of the child I gave this to:. Cowboy Morgan West was raised on his mother's stories of Glencoe and the Mackenzie family who ran it. Heartbroken after a bitter break-up, he decides to see the place and people for himself. He intends to work for one season only, but then he meets Rebecca—a woman he craves and a woman, he believes, he doesn't deserve. When mysterious Morgan West begins to turn up wherever she is, astronomer Rebecca Mayhew is confused. She can tell anyone who asks how many miles Saturn is from the earth roughly million and the likelihood of there being life on another planet high , but she can't begin to explain in rigorous scientific terms why her fingers itch to caress Morgan's broad muscled back, or why the only calculation on her mind is how long it would take to kiss every square inch of him.

She's confused, yet curious, and Morgan is more than happy to satisfy that curiosity.

But instead of their physical relationship clarifying things, Rebecca's nice neat orderly world unravels as both her and Morgan's painful pasts are exposed, revealing secrets that have the potential to explode more than just their own worlds. James Mackenzie is tired of his shallow lifestyle and wants a family. But before he begins his new life he needs to salve his conscience by making sure the future is secure for the woman he wronged ten years before.

The last thing Susie Henderson needs is her ex lover buying the winery in which she works and threatening her independence. Because how can she trust someone who betrayed her, someone who doesn't even believe in himself? Protecting Dr. Each book in the Guardian for Hire series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order. A simple handyman, he makes her laugh and sigh with pleasure. He makes her forget her goals. But with his meager lifestyle, Jack cannot be in her future.

Emerson Jackson Watson spies the lovely Rachel coming around the corner in her sexy, red heels. And he promises himself that he is going to have her. She wants Emerson — the debonair wizard of Wall Street — when he knows what she really needs is Jack — the down-to-earth jack of all trades. YouTube sensation Laura McKinney has one goal—to live life to its fullest by accepting challenges from all around the world and filming them.

She believes long-term relationships are for idiots, and marriage is ridiculous. Max Connelly reckons that makes her exactly his kind of woman. But Max is pursuing his own dream, building his mountain resort into the place to be in the southern hemisphere. He knows what her publicity could do for his resort so he issues his own challenge—to get married.

The PA's Revenge

Would it? For more information on Diana's New Zealand series, keep reading! Somehow she finds herself in amongst dozens of them when she agrees—against her better judgment—to take a three day summer job at the Festival. Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New arrivals. Diana Fraser January 31, Add to Wishlist Free Ebook. An emotional, heartwarming New Zealand romance.

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Guy takes the concept of a commitment-phobe to a whole new level—but with good reason. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text, Original pages. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection. Read Aloud. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate.

It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. Book 2. Book 3. Book 4. Book 5. Book 6. More in contemporary romance. Thirty Day Boyfriend. Whitney G. Thirty days ago, my boss Mr. If I agreed, he would let me out of my employment contract with a "very generous" severance package. The rules were pretty simple: No intimate kissing, no actual sex.

Just pretend to love each other for the press, even though I've secretly wanted to knock that sexy smirk off his face since the first day we met. I definitely didn't need to think twice about this.

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I signed my name and started counting down the seconds to when I would never have to deal with his special brand of ass-holery again. I only made it to one minute Then he gave me his trademark smirk once again and asked if I wanted to consummate our marriage. We still have 29 more days to go Guardian For Hire. She can't imagine things getting worse, until someone starts killing her former co-workers, and a bad-ass, ex-Army Ranger shows up hell-bent on protecting her.